Today, 79Ancestors is born from the collective vision of musicians, visual artists, and coders...

October 3, 2016

We’re excited to announce the arrival of 79Ancestors – a new project, long in the making, formed from the idea that a modern album in today’s cloud-based music economy should have the same attributed value and integrity as any fine art object or crowdsourced product design.  An homage to the its’ namesake artifact, “1979” – we hope to take what we learned during the process of bringing that experimental object-as-album to life, and evolve the bygone tradition of actively interacting with an album of music by building unique vessels that have long-term worth.  79Ancestors aims to explore new modes of tangible music experience by embracing the spirit of sonic invention and matching that with the vision and ingenuity of artists working in complimentary fields: performing arts, design, cinema, and code. 

All of us working towards bringing these ideas to life feel that something very special has been lost in the process of making music more “convenient”.  We love streaming music services, digital mixtapes, the myriad of music-sharing outlets, as well as the wide outreach which social media provides.  Vinyl records and cassettes are a legitimate and valuable way to support and collect an artists’ work.  But the renaissance of the modern DIY, electronic craft, and “maker” movement has given way to a whole host of unexplored ways for artists to deliver their message and tell their storiesThere are plenty of people in the world trying to solve the problem of bringing more value to digital goods and services, and sincerely hope that the mass-delivery mechanisms of the modern digital economy can one day catch up and make good on the promise that the quantity of cloud-based streaming will fairly compensate artists some day.  Meanwhile, we intend to focus on quality and novel encounters.  Or more specifically, creating conversation-pieces that music fans are excited to proudly display on their shelves, cherished just the same as a favorite book (or photograph, film, sculpture, kaleidoscope, etc.) We start the conversation by inviting collaborators to the table – groups of artists whose perspectives we’d personally love to see intersect.  

Starting this Fall/Winter, 79Ancestors is proud to announce an inaugural compilation LP and group audiovisual series called “Territories”.  With over a dozen artists and counting, “Territories” will feature new musical signings with full-length releases forthcoming, like A.M. Architect, Before Tigers, Tongueless, Deru, and VHVL.  But we’ve also brought extended family into the fold with contributions from Telefon Tel Aviv, Rafael Anton Irisarri, and Shigeto.  Some of our favorite visual artists, directors, and creative coders are bringing the album to life via our upcoming mobile app for iOS/Android, which will host an ongoing series of VR environments and non-linear interpretations of the albums’ compositions.79Ancestors is an artist-run experiment piloted by musician/composer Deru (Benjamin Wynn), director/designer EFFIXX (Anthony Ciannamea), and acclaimed Adobe experience designer and software developer Yaniv De Ridder. We look forward to a year of exciting releases and hope you’ll join us in our mission.

Ben, Anthony & Yaniv