Watch Now: Shigeto "Hovering" VR

June 27, 2017

Shigeto & Conor Grebel collaborate on a stunning new 360 video experience contrasting the destruction and creation of a planet

Watch the first episode in a series of Territories VR episodes through exclusive partner Within.

Hovering is an extraterrestrial VR world built from terrestrial objects. Experience an ethereal environment where the simultaneous destruction and creation of a planet's water source unfold to a uniquely constructed 360-audio spatial mix of Hovering. Created from digitally-scanned natural elements, director Conor Grebel shares his process with 79A creative director Anthony Ciannamea on a recent Within guest blog post.

When the opportunity to work with with VR content pioneers Within, we knew that the first episode in the Territories VR series had found a perfect home. Hovering, scored by Shigeto ft. Josef Deas and directed by Conor Grebel, is available today through every major VR store via the Within platform.

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