An interactive video sculpture, 20-song soundtrack & unique visual concept album.

"Its' luminous mood-enhancing visual language make Spectrasphere an artifact intended to evoke wonder and inspire those who gaze into its’ hypnotic lens."

Are you a sincere seeker?

Constructed from a solid block of intricately-milled walnut, the external design details and unique visual effects provide chromotherapeutic relief through an interactive light instrument capable of producing endless combinations of spectral healing entertainment.

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Its' luminous mood-enhancing visual language make Spectrasphere an artifact intended to evoke wonder and inspire those who gaze into its’ hypnotic lens. Spectrasphere is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled in Los Angeles by the same team of artists and engineers responsible for "The Obverse Box". Each piece has unique features, behavioral characteristics, and natural flaws in the wood grain. No two are exactly the same.

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Audiovisual Soundtrack
4 Analog VFX Controls + 2 Switchable Modes
Video + Audio Output to your TV/Stereo
  • Milled from a solid block of walnut, each Spectrasphere housing exhibits unique contours and grain characteristics produced by the milling process
  • Case designed by Mark Wisniowski, the 79A visual artist behind The Obverse Box
  • Analog, built-in video fx processor by Big Pauper, a 79A visual artist
  • Engineered and assembled in Los Angeles by the same team that produced The Obverse Box.
  • User-controlled analog video effects create unique textures with endless combinations
Features / Specs
  • 4 Interactive Visual FX Control Knobs
  • 2 Switchable Visual FX Modes
  • 2 Album Versions: Toggle between two unique Color Field mixes
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Headphones / Aux Out
  • Video Output (Analog) - Plug into any standard definition display and use as a video synthesizer.   
  • Measures: 7.5” x 7.5” x 4.5”

The Album

Color Field is the second A.M. Architect release on 79Ancestors, following the Innervisible EP, and shows the San Antonio-based duo at point of conceptual maturity. 

  • Autonoe
  • Sofia
  • Color Field
  • Innervisible
  • Azure
  • Topaz
  • Theia
  • Fawn
  • Rivers
  • Vermillion
Stream the album's title track, Color Field

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The Film

"When a young lady searching for answers follows the instruction of a self-help institute offering a peculiar and psychedelic empowerment course, she wanders through rural Texas in search of solace through a “color therapy” meeting group."

Producer partners Daniel Stanush and Diego Chavez frequently collaborate on films as ambitious and articulate as the music itself, sometimes working on both at the same time. Color Field is a continuation of the narrative film series set in motion through the Innervisible prelude.


Spectrasphere Credits
Music Composer
A.M. Architect

Case Design
Mark Wisniowski

Analog Video Effects 
Big Pauper

Software Engineer
Yaniv De Ridder

Visual Design & Animation 
EFFIXX / Anthony Ciannamea
Creative Production Lead
Benjamin Wynn

Hardware Designer / Engineer
Roberto Crespo

Manufacturing & Craft
Jon Mendez

Electronic Engineer
Eli Pechman
Film Credits
Written And Directed By
Alec Esh & A.M. Architect

Produced by
A.M. Architect

Maddie Welch

Spectra Institute Guru
Romi Gold

Jett Amchin
Costume Design
Maddie Welch

Music Composer
A.M. Architect

Daniel Stanush & Diego Chavez

Mike Wells

David Velo
Produced by