Mastered by Black Knoll Studio
Artwork by EFFIXX

Upcoming VR Episodes:
Shigeto + Conor Grebel
Rafael Anton Irisarri + Can Buyukberber
Telefon Tel Aviv + Tim Saccenti + Steve Teeple

The Debut Compilation

Initiated as a celebratory call-to-action for musical friends and family to compose soundtracks for “imaginary landscapes”, the inaugural LP lays the foundation for a year of upcoming collaborations amongst a diverse set of musicians, designers, and performers.   

A collection of both music and visual art, featuring core 79A artists (Tongueless, A.M. Architect, Before Tigers) as well as guest contributions from Telefon Tel Aviv, Shigeto, Rafael Irisarri, and more.  Territories is presented as a color-vinyl LP bundled with a customized 79A Cardboard VR viewer and a free iOS / Android app, available in June. 

  • Telefon Tel Aviv / Something Akin To Lust
  • Deru / The Roar and The Dust
  • Before Tigers / Backward Rituals
  • Rafael Anton Irisarri / Certainty
  • Tongueless / Oan Albastrite
  • VHVL / Nnn3f
  • Shigeto / Hovering (ft. Josef Deas)
  • A.M. Architect / Avicenna

Vinyl LP + VR Viewer + MP3/WAV


Vinyl LP + MP3/WAV


Digital Only (MP3)


Digital Only (WAV)


Visual Artists

Timothy Saccenti / Steve Teeple / Conor Grebel / Can Buyukberber
EFFIXX / Seth Gibson / Yaniv De Ridder / Simon Geilfus

Territories VR

Featuring unique collaborations and 360-degree spatial audo remixes of several album tracks, Territories VR is a series of imaginary worlds built to visualize ethereal landscapes conjured by the albums' composers.

- Available early June for iOS & Android
- VR Viewer designs are hand-printed and may not look exactly as pictured.